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"Our community is the foundation for a better tomorrow"

Without the support of a great community helping those who need it most how can we achieve a better tomorrow?

At Griffin Charitable Foundation, our mission is to help our community by giving back to those who strengthen the health, wellness, and overall daily lives of members in the Rome community and surrounding areas. If you are looking for financial help with a project that is a need in your community, please read through our application process and fill out the introduction form below to contact our community liaison.

Please read through each bullet of our Grant Application Process. After filling out the initial contact form below, our Liaison Officer will contact you for a brief introductory phone call. During this phone call, we will give you a brief background of the Griffin Charitable Foundation, ask about your organization and the project you are working on as well as the areas this project serves. After the initial phone conversation, GCF will decide if you meet the same mission and areas served as our foundation. 

If you meet the requirements, you will receive an application to fill out stating the following:

  • A description of the project and the areas the project serves 

  • The project budget 

  • The amount of funds you are requesting from the Griffin Charitable Foundation 

  • How you plan to sustain the program over time 

  •  What are the projects goals and how will you measure these goals 

  • Who are your board members/council members and affiliations

  • What percentage of board members are participating in this project 

  • What percentage of board members are financially contribution to the project. (We are not looking for a dollar amount. For example, if 8/10 board members are financially contributing, than you can say 80% of board members are contributing on this project.) 

Along with the application we will need a few documents. 

  • A list of Board Members 

  • Programs Mission Statement 

  • Detailed Project Budget 

  • IRS Tax Status Verification Form 

Once your application has been reviewed and our Liaison Officer follows up with any questions on mission information, your application will be presented to the board for a vote. After the board makes a vote, our Community Liaison Officer will contact you with their decision. 


In order to be considered for a grant, your organization must meet 1 of the following,

1. Located in the Rome community/surrounding areas


2. Benefit the community of Rome and surrounding areas.

Is your organization located in Rome or a surrounding area?

Thanks for submitting!

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